bubble gum, rice krispie and fruit loops
christmas donuts
so true
with his raspberry filled voodoo donut
going in for the kill
good things come in pink packages

We loved Voodoo the second we stepped out of our car into the parking lot. A parking lot has never smelt so good. Since it was a Tuesday morning the donut shop wasn't crowded at all so we picked a few donuts to have for breakfast and a few more to bring back to my cousin in Seattle. They are so original and creative with their donuts! I had a mint chocolate donut and David's was shaped like a man, with raspberry "blood" filling. There were also tons with different cereals on top, holiday flavors (apple cider!) and some really fun shapes. The woman who helped us was really sweet and gave some great recommendations... nothing was overpriced like you might imagine! All in all, Voodoo definitely lived up to its reputation. A quiet Portland morning perfect for some quality time with fun and delicious donuts.*

*And chocolate milk.

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