a little morning note
east african scarf + newspaper necklace
my life as a logician
shin ramen + furikake
the jigsaw puzzle of death
pumpkin pancakes + bananas
it rained all sunday

This weekend has been all about staying in, sipping hot chocolate and studying/writing for finals. On Friday night, Jenna made the most amazing dinner: duck confit (for her and Sarah) and seared tuna for me (I don't eat duck (long story), among other meats). Regardless of our dietary differences, the dinner was perfectly paired with potatoes, green beans, fresh salad and an egg.

Sarah left for Kenya (!) early Saturday morning but when we woke up we found beautiful little Christmas presents that she left us. I can't get believe that necklace is made of newspaper! We love her so much. Among other roommate-esque things, we've been working on the puzzle of death slowly but surely. If it's not evident from the picture, the puzzle is about 70% BROWN gingerbread, leaving little to no hints about where to connect each piece.

And to sum up, a little pumpkin pancake breakfast, more paper writing, dinner, and rain all day Sunday. Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. can't come soon enough.

PS- I've started a little 30 day photo-a-day over at my letter blog. Play along?

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