banana brulée & ice cream

fudgy success with cookie + cream ice cream

Last night was probably the worst baking disaster of my entire baking career thus far. Worst than the time my chouquettes fell flat, the time the icing melted off the cake, and the time my cupcakes exploded. After I mixed and left (what I thought was) my loaf of lavender banana bread, 35 minutes later I took it out of the oven and realized: I forgot to add flour.

what i found when i opened the oven

After several minutes of panicking and self deprecation, my roommate Sarah decided to try the concoction I had made. She found a spoon, took the tiniest little scoop... and it was good. Even though it was pretty much just sugar and bananas at this point, I figured that I'd salvage what I could by taking the denser sections into ramekins, baking them until they bubbled, and served ice cream on top. Sure, this is not actually a brulée... but the sugar, bananas and spices came together strangely well sans flour so I'm calling this baking disaster-turned-success whatever the hell I want.

experiments with ramekins
sweet banana sugar mush

Note: In each of these pictures the brulée looks like straight chocolate. There was absolutely no chocolate in the recipe, but the mixture ended up tasting like hot fudge. Go figure.

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