sun spots in ancient greece

I'm rereading The Iliad (for the bazillionth time) in one of my classes this quarter and every mention of Mycenae makes me think of the time I actually got to visit the site when I was in Greece two summers ago. It's weird to think that this place was a palace- Agamemnon's home while he ruled over the Achaeans and the home he left for 10 years during the battle of Troy* (so the stories say, anyway). I know the photos might not look like much, but being here after learning their ancient history was nothing short of amazing.

lion gate
another sweet, friendly stray
grave circle a
treasury of atreus

This last photo is of the stray dog we found in the Temple of Atreus. We affectionately named her Argos (after Odysseus' faithful dog in The Odyssey).

*No matter how many times I read The Iliad, I always picture Achilles as Brad Pitt.

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