jenna adding chips
cocktails alla jenna
crunchy potato chips on top
our first dinner together back
red cabbage, steamed carrots and tuna casserole

Oh, what a weekend. As I sit here Sunday night-- Monday morning, actually-- I'm slightly dazed by all of the homework I've put off until today (err, yesterday). My two favorite things* about this weekend were the photo shoot I did with a friend for her etsy shop, and my Sunday night dinner with the roommates. While I can't share the photos from the photoshoot just yet, I am (as always) happy to oblige with food photos.

This dinner was 90% Jenna's creation. I only prepared the carrots, which were hers as well (but I can post a recipe for those if anyone is interested). She made her delicious tuna casserole with egg noodles and leeks, and baked potato chips on top. I know it sounds straight out of the 1950's, but if you like tuna at all then this is a must have. Her spicy red cabbage and my carrots made for a really nice, veggie-filled meal. Maybe I'll even venture to post her recipe (with her permission of course), but I suppose I'd better get this homework done first.

*Seeing David in Santa Cruz was one of my favorite things, too.

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