my new teapot- a present from my mom
lady audley's secret
tuna casserole!
little raiza
raiza kisses
raine hearts you
pretty little things
winter foliage?
natalie portman is a goddess

These past few days became a nice, cozy, much-needed weekend. I finally made the tuna casserole (which I'm going to post tomorrow!) and my roommates and I pretty much ate the entire thing in one day. That stuff is good.

I got lots of reading done, watched Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time and went home for some quality niece time. I know a lot of people hate the Keira Knightley version (and I do think that Colin Firth makes a great Mr. Darcy in the BBC), but I adore the cinematography. Every time I watch it I love it even more. Speaking of loving things (or people) even more, I finally saw Black Swan and think Natalie Portman was amazing. I'm usually too big of a wimp to watch these kinds of movies but I'm glad I made an exception for her.

This week? I have two days of work and one of class and I'm off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend! I can't believe January is going by so quickly...

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