pancakes for breakfast
(real) chai tea
kenyan manzadi
my new favorite drink
jenna's shrimp pad thai
one of several servings
taro/ube roll cake

1. Pancake balls (filled with chocolate chips & blueberries) for breakfast.
2. Authentic Kenyan chai tea (so so so much better than Starbucks/ any American chai).
3. Sarah's homemade mandazi's, a Kenyan donut... to accompany the chai.
4. My new favorite beverage. It's like ginger ale, but better.
5. Sunday night dinner, per usual.
6. A close up of Jenna's pad thai. It was delicious.
7. Purple ube/taro roll cake for late night dessert. It's my filipino childhood in a dessert.

Yet another weekend where (almost) everything important revolved around food.*

*Not pictured: A last minute drive to Santa Cruz for a mushroom, avocado and melted jack veggie burger in a freshly made sourdough bun. And sweet potato fries. So gigantic I could hardly eat it (don't worry, I managed).

Also not pictured: David. I love him (even though he's camera shy).

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