brilliant light
i'd like to name her sofia
brilliant walls
a library
a blue mosque and a blue sky
ceilings and stained glass
inside the blue mosque

During the last week of my trip to Greece, we took a cruise around the Aegean Sea with our first port in Istanbul. I hadn't anticipated going to Turkey but everything just worked out.

Istanbul was witness to a lot of "firsts" for me. Cab racing. Dining and dashing (we were willing to pay for the fancy dinner until they wanted €500 for one bottle of vodka and five Red Bulls that we didn't ask for). My first and only hookah (mint, and exquisite). And stepping into another culture's holy place.

The last three photos are of the Blue Mosque. Even when I tip-toed with my bare feet, I still felt like I was intruding as I saw so many people bent in prayer. We all felt so small in such a big mosque, but in the best way possible. Then there was the Hagia Sofia. I know that no one worships in the Hagia Sofia, but with the detailed walls and streaming sunlight, I easily could have. It was breathtaking.

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