lovejoy's tea room

window signs
for the queens
scones, sugar and sandwiches
eleanor and i holding our teacups
tiers of delicious
teapots galore
petits fours

On Sunday I went to tea with a lot of the women in David's family (his mom, grandmother, sister and two aunts) and it was so perfect. Most people who've been reading my blog for a while have seen me obsess over tea parties (here and here and here) and Sunday just reinforced my love for all things tea-related.

Lovejoy's Tea Room in San Francisco is the cutest little nook you'd ever imagine. All of the teapots, cups and saucers are mismatched. Lace table clothes on every table. Antiques everywhere to decorate the tea room. And, to top everything off, everything they have is delicious. Your own, bottomless pot of tea, the tiny perfect sandwiches, and the scones. And let me tell you,

I have missed scones.

I can't wait to go back.. or at least try to recreate the place in my own apartment!