things to love {about los angeles}

by the lovely Stephanie

{because uggs still remain a trend in los angeles}

1. little tokyokoreatownlittle ethiopia- los angeles is a little bit of the world, in one city
2. every band or artist will always have a show here. ellie goulding had two shows in the states. one was in los angeles. you bet i bought tickets right away
3. we are home to the trendy cafes you see on blogs and tabloids
4. food trucks are all the rage now and they're everywhere! ... in LA
5. we have winning sport teams and yes, i am talking about the los angeles lakers. we also have a great usc vs. ucla rivalry and baseball teams such as the angels and dodgers!
6. bombdiggity music venues and of all sorts - small, intimate, big, or outdoors
7. the diversity in nationalities, religions, food
8. there is every sort of activity available! shopping, visiting the beach, countless museums, there is a whole range! mind i say, we have awesome weather to do these awesome activities. you can snowboard, go to to desert, and visit the beach all in one day if you wanted to!
9. how they cater to my late night, mexican food cravings... and for cheap
10. trademark signs like this one and this one

{urth caffe}

{usc football game}

{huntington beach}

{the roxy / el tepeyac cafe}

And the "things to love" series is back! Thank you so much to Stephanie for sharing her perspective of LA! Her list and photos make me wish I could take a little road trip down south, but I might have to wait until after I graduate. In the mean time, I'll have to make due with my beaches and burritos up north.

If you have a list of things you love about your city, feel free to send it in (with a photo of your feet)! celeste.noche (at)