so proud
my beautiful mother
we have a big family.. and a big table
tiny orchids at home
broken teapot/cup mosaic
sunday tea
san francisco houses
polka dots

I know I'm not one to really talk about clothes or fashion, but the runway event I shot on Friday really changed the way I thought about myself. It's a nice feeling to wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and decide that you don't need makeup. That's not to say that I wear makeup a lot (in fact, I rarely do), but confidence was never the reason why. When I was in eighth grade I bought a polka dot dress from Goodwill that I adored but was too afraid to wear because I was too shy to make any "style statement." I wore it for the first time on Sunday and it felt amazing. I still love that dress (and I'm so glad it still fits!).

Dear dress, thank you. It only took me eight years to finally wear you.

This was such a good weekend. A fashion show with African inspired dresses, my beautiful mother's birthday (with a homemade cake!) and high tea in San Francisco. This weekend was full of everything I love: photos, baking, the library, family, food, sleep, tea and dresses.