best wild mushroom pizza + fresh crab pasta

The best first time to a restaurant imaginable. Driving from Stanford to Berkeley in the rain, Jenna and I left at 4:30 and didn't get there until 6:30. I think it's normally an hour drive. Needless to say we were late for our 5:45 reservation and the restaurant (understandably) gave our table away. The next table wouldn't be ready until almost 7:30, which was the time we needed to get going to head to campus for a Classics lecture.

The sweet, sweet hostess told us that if we could finish by 7:15, we could eat quickly at a table that was reserved. Even though it was 6:40ish by that time, we knew that we had to be out of the door by then so we agreed. Jenna, long time Pizzaiolo veteran, knew exactly what to order. Everything came out so quickly and it was amazing:

Fresh bread
Garden salad with beets
Fresh pasta with crab
Wild mushroom pizza

Seriously, this place is good. Everything is fresh, simple perfection. I'm already trying to plan my next visit!

garden beet salad
salt + pepper
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