tofu house

seafood + soft tofu
crack an egg into the pot
pretty gea
purple rice
the damage (or lack thereof)

My first time really having Korean food! I'd heard a lot about Tofu House from other people but only went last Thursday with my friend Gea. This cute little restaurant holds a surprisingly large amount of people and when we got there almost all of the tables were already taken.

Gea was super cute and ordered in Korean (even though the waiters were fluent in English) and she helped guide me through the menu. I decided on seafood soft tofu soup but I had no idea that there would be so many (ENDLESS) sides! Kimchi, sweet potatoes (potatoes that are sweet, not the orange ones), noodles, and more. Altogether the soup did not look like a lot but midway through the pot I had to quit because everything was so filling. There were so many items but everything complimented each other really well. My favorite part? Quite possibly the purple rice... but then again, I just love all foods purple.

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