champagne cocktails by jenna

After turning in two of my final papers in last week, this weekend was a lot more enjoyable. On Friday night our apartment was filled with people- there was Sarah's amazing Indian feast, Jenna's legendary cocktails, and more noise than our apartment has seen in months. David came to visit again so we had another fun game night (except this time we didn't end at 4am).

friday night

Come Saturday the weather was beautiful. Anna and I made carrot cake muffins (coming soon), David surprised me by bringing my beloved spaetzle (which I cooked with lots of cheese then served with polenta), and I lay on the couch enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. We took a quick trip home to visit my nieces (see below), have a pizza night, and enjoy being home and being together.

ny times muffins with anna
polenta and spaetzle

Please note Raiza's adorable face below. I firmly believe that this is the most hilarious face that an 18-month-old baby has ever made. With Elmo.

the best picture ever
potatoes grown by my mom

Sunday was a little disorienting with the time change-- I accidentally adjusted my cell phone after it had already automatically changed. I was two hours off for most of the day, but Panera honey-oat toast for breakfast and midday drives along beautiful 280 set things right.

alice's old recipe books
sunday flowers