david's birthday project
david's birthday cake
itty bitty raiza
stand up comedy night
rumble fish
the view leaving david's house
So much happened this weekend and I have so few pictures to show for it. This lack of photos usually makes me regret not taking more, but this weekend it was nice not to have it out every 5 minutes. After work (and time in the Sunset photo studio!), I went to give David his birthday presents and we went out for dinner. Right next door was the new (to the Bay Area) grocery store Fresh & Easy and since David's mom has been there 4 (now 5) times in the past two weeks, I had to check it out. (It was pretty cool).

Chai lattes at the Chit Chat Cafe with Anna, a Saladmaster demonstration with my family (they made soup without water and chocolate cake on the stove with carrots and zucchini in it), and a night in San Francisco at a stand up comedy show. My favorite line from the night? "I love food... I eat every day."

And now, it's back to "reality." (Technically, the last two weeks were supposed to be my Spring Break but Sunset called me in for extra hours and it wasn't much of a break at all). Tuesday is my last first day of the quarter ever and life post-graduation awaits. Oh boy.
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