lake lagunita

meet me by the water
in the grass
a home for birds
fresh for frollicking

Almost no one at Stanford thinks of "Lake Lag" as a lake because it's usually dried up and a huge expanse of empty field during most of the year. The Bay Area was fortunate to have a torrential downpour of sorts at the end of March and the nonstop rain filled Lake Lag for the first time in a few years. It's gorgeous. The last time I walked around the lake it felt like a barren misnomer but this time it was really lovely just to see the still water with ducks swimming along ever so often.

I wanted to catch the lake at sunset but came when it was still bright and lovely. I was hoping to get moody, picturesque silhouettes as the sun dipped low but I love what I got instead. The afternoon sun provided the perfect weather for an afternoon stroll and everything just seemed to glimmer off the water effortlessly. It was peaceful, serene, and for the first time in four years I actually considered swimming in it.

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