rumble fish

gorgeous bar
agadashi tofu
japanese beer and sake
david's chirashi
a little corner restaurant

I'd never heard of Rumble Fish before inadvertently going a few weeks ago. Originally, we planned on going to a tiny pizzeria but the problem was that, well, it was too tiny. Rumble Fish was literally right across the street and thankfully it was as tasty as it was convenient (since we were going to comedy show right after).

When I walk into a sushi bar, I don't normally expect to find retro memorabilia, coke bottles, and doo-wop playing. As weird as it sounded, I thought that the unusual choice in design made the restaurant very unique and entirely its own. The food was delicious (agadashi tofu is one of my favorite dishes) and the warm sake was a welcomed aperitif. Sometimes, the best restaurants are the ones you conveniently stumble upon.