consumed my weekend (movie + book)
favorite of raine
turon and ube ice cream
wreaking havoc
sunday at the park
content with my paleta sandía

What a beautiful, long weekend (hooray for Tuesday/Thursday classes!). I saw Jane Eyre and have nothing but love and adoration for the film. I can't stop thinking about it: the cinematography, the script, the perfect casting. I really could go on and on. But most importantly, it brought me back to the text. After seeing the movie I found my old high school Norton edition with all of my comments and began rereading. It's just as beautiful as when I first read it four years ago.

Among other things, I always appreciate a relaxing weekend at home. I worked on photos for my digital photography class, had a lot of quality family time, and found the perfect veggie burger and sweet potato fries two minutes from my house (unfortunately, I couldn't slow myself down to stop and take photos). Filipino dessert at brunch, Sunday in the park, and watermelon paletas were just the icing on the cake.

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