distorted view of memorial church
dress up
split pea soup
niçoise salad
pimm's and croquet
white pomegranate tea

This weekend was filled with a lot of firsts: croquet, lipstick, niçoise, and capturing droplets of water in a photograph. Even though I've been "taking photos" for a few years, this new digital photography class is teaching me a lot of things I would never have known otherwise. I've gotten to used to using my camera the same way for the past four years and it's really amazing to see that there are a ton of things it can do that I never realized.

I spent so much time alone this weekend. Some people might see this as a bad thing, but having that time to myself has been refreshing. I got to work on my photos at my own pace, read for fun, and spend more time with my ukulele. As much as I love being with friends and family, sometimes, it's just nice to sit back and feel yourself grow.

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