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I'm not usually one to go to concerts on Wednesday nights (especially during school), but I'll make the exception for Jenny Lewis. Just about this time two years ago I saw her at the Rio in Santa Cruz for the first time and she blew my mind.

This year she's touring under the act of "Jenny and Johnny" (with Jonathan Rice). I will be honest-- I was a little grumpy. The show was supposed to start at 8. The first act didn't play until 9:15. And Jenny and Johnny didn't play until 11:30. So I didn't get home until 1:30.. and I had a presentation due in twelve hours which I hadn't started yet. But once they got on stage it was just fun to see them perform. So much passion on one little stage. (But really, The New Parish is tiny).

But Thursday came and went, and I survived! Concerts are worth it. Especially when you go early to stand front row and make new friends.

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