our last dinner all together


Dinner last Thursday kind of redefined "family style" for me. Jenna moved out early so for our last dinner together, we went to Pizzaiolo and had one of the best meals of my life. I don't even think I had this many courses while I was in Italy!

sarah and anna
artichokes, beets, and other lovely things
little gems

We began with colorful cocktails-- campari, bourbon, chartreuse-- and split a few appetizers between us. Even though we only got a few bites each, I think that this method was best because it allowed all of us to taste each thing without getting too full. (Their little gems salad was my favorite!)

jenna and mama yang

Somehow I completely forgot to take any photos of the pasta we had... but their puttanesca was fantastic (and I don't really like eggplant). Jenna's mom picked out a really nice bottle of red wine and it went perfectly with the pasta and pizza. But really, their pizza is amazing. Delicate yet flavorful.

the lone egg
squid pizza (favorite)

And just when I thought I couldn't possibly eat another bite... dessert. With three different dessert wines. Prior to this, I'd only tasted port while visiting a vineyard, but it was really nice to try the Riesling, Malvasia, then the Port in contrast to one another. (And alongside the dessert, of course).

port, malvasia, and riesling
chocolate pie thing
rice pudding
go figure i'm the only blurry one
glass + light

I know that our last meal together wasn't home cooked and I didn't have one of my trademark fiascoes, but just sitting together and talking for hours over amazing food was the perfect way to end our year altogether. Anna, Sarah, and I are all still in our apartment until early June, but it won't be the same without Jenna. Wonderful food and even better roommates perfectly sum up our year together.