salmon and avo
little raiza
raine and chop chop
caramel chocolate cake

I love long weekends! Especially when they include nieces, wine & cheese surprise birthday parties, and sushi.

In exactly one week I will be done with everything school related (that is, finals and final projects) and earlier tonight I just finished my last college essay ever (in Italian and about food blogs! go figure).

I'm looking around my little room and remembering the day I moved in last September. I made David get up at 8 in the morning because I wanted to be here early. I met Jenna for the first time in the parking lot. I rearranged the furniture and removed the closet doors.

Now my room is a disaster. Everything is unkept and sprawled out so I can "get to it" once I'm done with all of my school work. On my last day I don' t think I'll have David with me, Jenna is already moved out, and I have to move the furniture back to where it originally was.

I feel like I'm completing some kind of circle. This room will be exactly as it was when I first moved in (assuming I can replace those closet doors correctly...) and it'll be like I was never here. It's a life lesson I'd never expected from college.

In other news, I went to see Bridesmaids with David and cried during almost the entire movie. I'm not sure what was wrong, I just couldn't help it.