(graduation) weekend

the menu
by David Gonzales
i'm classy
the boys

This past weekend seemed to go by just as quickly as these past four years.

The senior class had a beautiful dinner on the main quad right in front of Memorial Church. There were so many people I didn't know (there are 1600 of us!) but everyone was dressed so nicely.

It wasn't only Stanford's graduation weekend, but UC Santa Cruz's as well. I got to see David graduate while also meeting up with my roommates (all 5 of them!) from sophomore year. I still remember our tiny apartment with no kitchen and I can't believe that was almost two years ago.

And last, you might be wondering why Anna and I are dressed up as housewives. Stanford has a really fun tradition where senior dress up (in costumes, with banners, etc) and walk into our stadium during our "Wacky Walk." Among the hilarious costumes were tetris, pac man, the house from Up, and Wall-E. Anna and I decided to dress up as housewives because we'd been "domestic" all year in our little apartment.

Then I packed up the rest of my apartment, had a beautiful dinner in San Francisco complete with a gin gin mule, and promptly went home to pass out from exhaustion.

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