wanderlust continued

my suitcase heart

I have a (temporary) future! This entire year people have asked me what I've got planned post-graduation and for the most part, I had no idea. Then they'd ask me, "ideally," what I wanted to do: I wanted to live and work in Europe. After missing the Fulbright deadline, I tried to see if there were other ways to go: graduate programs, teaching English, etc. It's unlikely that I'd ever win a trip to Paris, or magically inherit tons of money just to travel as much as I wanted. It wasn't until a few months ago when David's aunt asked me if I'd ever considered becoming an au pair.

After finding a (really sweet) family, I spent the past month or so getting all of my paperwork settled. I wanted to tell everyone so badly, but I have this weird superstition where I don't like to jynx things before they're completely settled.

Well... everything is settled! I have my visa, I have my flight, I have my family! At the end of this month I'm heading to a tiny little town about two hours east of Bordeaux in beautiful Dordogne. I'm nervous, excited, and all kinds of emotions all squeezed into one. I don't speak a word of French but traveling and experiencing new cultures has always been where my heart lies.

I can't wait for this new adventure! My wanderlust is bubbling with anticipation.

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