people watching

Even though I'm leaving Coly today (!!!), I still have a lot of photos from the past few weeks to share.

Going to Bayonne was the first time I'd been by myself after at least 10 days of being in France. It was my first afternoon off while we were in Capbreton, so I took the afternoon bus south for the day.

What do you do when you travel alone? I wander and get lost. From the bus station, I didn't have a map or know where to go, but I just followed my instincts across a huge bridge and before I knew it, I was in the city center with wooden shutters and hanging garlands galore.

My favorite views of Bayonne were found just by looking up. At the charming windows, the hanging flower boxes, the people-watchers, the cathedral, the garlands, the lamp posts along the river... I'm surprised I never walked into anyone after spending so much time admiring everything above my head.

I didn't know where to eat, where local favorites were, or anything like that. But I loved Bayonne because I got to discover it in my own way.

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