chateau de losse


Have you seen Ever After? The Chateau de Losse is in it. When I realized I was a 30 minute drive from a location in one of my favorite movies, I had to go.

the vezere

Of course, this isn't the first time I've done something like this. I suppose it's really cheesy, but I adore seeing things "in real life" after seeing them in a film I love. It makes it feel real. And more often than not, the locations are so spectacular-- you understand why the producers decided to shoot on location rather than try to recreate a set.


The chateau was exactly that. It was grand yet rustic at the same time, and it felt like I'd stepped into a different era as I walked through the chateau's halls.

ever after

Perhaps my favorite thing about the chateau was the way it seemed to embody everything I'd imagined "southern France" to be. Maybe it's silly, but I'd had these daydreams of France where chateaus were plentiful but beautifully unique on their own. The stood tall, perhaps alongside rivers, and evoked a kind of antiquated nostalgia for a place you'd never been before.

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