old town + sacré coeur

It's strange to think that I can visit Paris and say, "oh, I saw that last year." When I visited the City of Lights with David last year, we did as many touristy things as we could (i.e. Versailles the first day, 5 museums the next). This time it was different.

a little friend
pretty vanessa

Serendipity introduced me to Vanessa-- David's older sister's friend that she'd met in Ireland a few years back. When I found myself with a month to travel and no place to stay, Vanessa welcomed me into her home and we wandered through Paris together.

mushroom + cheese crepe
au petit creux

Our first stop was Montmartre- the area that David and I stayed in last year but that we hardly got to know. Instead of rushing off to do as many touristy things as possible, Vanessa and I took leisurely walks and ate a lot of crepes.

street-side vespas
montmartre apartments
parisian skyline

The first time around, I didn't think that Paris lived up to the hype around it. Sure, it had some pretty old buildings, a tower, and a lot of good bread. This time, I felt differently. I think Paris is most beautiful when you're not rushing to cross items off a "to do" list. To me, it's most enjoyable while people-watching, eating slowly, and sharing good company.

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