sunset surfers

loving the light
9:30 pm and still out there

For my last night in Capbreton, I knew that I wanted to be near the ocean for the sunset. The little house we stayed in was a short walk from the beach so at 9pm I rushed over to the sand to just sit and relax (the sun sets around 10 over here). I didn't realize that there would be a small crowd of people there for the same exact thing. And I certainly didn't realize that people would still be out in the water surfing.

I sat, did nothing, and it was beautiful. I found a spot on a ledge pretty high up but loved the way my feet felt dangling. I loved that there were so many other people who had taken time out of their day to sit and watch the sunset surfers. And I admired the 20-30 people still out in the water, waiting for darkness before they gave in and went home. It didn't matter that it was getting later and later. Had they even eaten dinner?

This is what I want in life. I want to be with people who stop to enjoy something beautiful. I want a schedule that revolves around my passion, not the other way around. And I always want to feel my feet dangling- like I could fall at any moment but that's why it's worth it.*

*But I'd still like to eat dinner.