Terrasson-Lavilledieu felt like freedom. After being in Coly for a few weeks, I'd begun to forget what cities were like: stores existed, there were designated parking spaces, there was a supermarket.

between trees
oanh looking out

Looking back now, Terrasson was really small. It wasn't nearly dirty enough to be a real "city" and I think I'd refer to it more as a "countryside town." It had a beautiful river running through it, a church older than my great-grandparents, and some of the most relaxing views I've seen.


To be honest, I don't think Oanh and I did that much. We mostly walked around, took pictures, and ate ice cream-- but it was just what we needed at the time. We wanted to get out of the one-road town (3 kilometeres wide) and see something new. It wasn't very "adventurous" but it was gorgeous all the same.

pretty oanh
hi from terrasson

*I should probably note, I'm about a month behind in my "travel posts." I left Coly about three weeks ago and in the mean time have been to Montauban, Paris, and I'm now in Denmark! I've always had trouble blogging while I'm traveling, but sometimes you just need to get off the computer and go!

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