an adventure in the woods


This is the last and final case of camera-regret from my trip.* The three of us went to the grocery store one morning, and on the way back, decided to pull over and take a little hike through Honsenhaas Skov (a tiny, little forest).

wild berries
eating berries we found

Luciano seemed to be the most familiar with the area-- he told us which ways to go-- while Maibritt and I just sort of followed along. All the while, Maibritt told me which fresh berries I could eat. (We ate

a lot


what is this?
walking in the woods
secret spot

And after walking up and down little hills, sun-streaked with morning light, Luciano finally found the spot he wanted to show us:

the world's most beautiful clouds

Another point of Denmark's many, beautiful ocean views, complete with the most gorgeous cloud-filled sky I've ever seen.

*Both Luciano and I forgot our cameras, but luckily Maibritt had hers in her purse for us to borrow. Photos 2-5 are by Luciano.