along the seine


Among the many things I remember my dear friend Chelsey saying, I've always remembered how she pointed out the existence of rivers in major cities. Florence has the Arno, Rome has the Tiber, London has the Thames, Paris has the Seine.

on deck
notre dame

As a Bay Area girl, I've always looked at rivers a little strangely. It's hard for me to think of living somewhere where the vast ocean isn't just a quick drive away. Rivers aren't endless. I rarely get to put my feet in them. The sun doesn't usually set right behind them... and they usually look pretty dirty.

Île de la Cité
heads of old prisoners

So what is it about the Seine? Why was it comforting to have this river flow through Paris? And how could I spend so much time just sitting on an island in the middle of the river-- with nothing to do but sit and think? I have no idea. But the fact that a little river could spark this much thought must mean that I've underestimated rivers.

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