goodbye, summer

summer beginnings
san francisco
highway 1
santa cruz

This title hardly seems fair considering the Bay Area has had some of its warmest weather all summer this week (yes, at the end of September). These holgas accumulated before I left for Europe and were left forgotten until this very evening.

Funny Face at the Stanford Theatre, an almost indiscernible double-exposure of my beloved Stevenson Coffee House, San Francisco, Highway 1 and Santa Cruz with David.

They're little things, but they mean a lot.


A little week-end summary:

I hereby declare next week, October 3rd-7th, Danish Food Week on the blog. (Or else when am I ever going to finish these travel posts?)

After seven years of waiting, I saw one of my beloved bands live for the first time.

Did I tell you I started a new internship? With a website dedicated to California food experiences?

Here's my first write-up for Epicuring. (It includes an amazing Chartreuse cocktail)!

AT&T surprised us with a $36 "activation fee" when we got new internet for our house. When I called them, they credited the amount back to us without any hassle. No link here, just a little story of kindness. Did something nice happen to you this week?

And beyond all these wonderful little things, one of my highlights of this week was meeting Courtney Marie Andrews (interview coming soon!).

I can't get this song out of my head (in the good way). Proceed with caution (but do proceed, it's so worth it).