maibritt's æbleskiver

like takoyaki

A few months ago I wrote a post on pancake balls, which Jenna and I had made from an electric takoyaki machine. After posting the pancake balls, I received a few comments saying that the pancake balls were similar to a Danish dessert called æbleskiver. I thought this was a funny coincidence, but didn't think much else about it until I arrived in Denmark and saw an æbleskiver pan hanging on the wall.

batter and pan
homemade jam
with sugar and jam

A few days later, Maibritt prepped the ingredients for the æbleskiver (an hour or so in advance, to let the batter rise) and we made them! Well.. Maibritt mostly made them and I documented the process. The whole time I was smiling to myself because

1. They were so similar to takoyaki
2. I was about to try a new version of an already beloved food
3. My sweet, sweet host mom was teaching me a recipe she'd grown up with

Instead of having these with blueberries and whipped cream (see pancake balls), we just added a little sugar and some homemade jam. They were perfection. And Maibritt and I both agreed that it would have been easy to never stop eating them (though unfortunately, they did run out).

I really need to invest in one of these pans.