copenhagen (part 1)

so many colorful buildings
books books books
at søstrene grene
sneak attack photos

After being in so much beautiful countryside, the city was a weird but welcome change. Copenhagen was the first place where "wow, I'm in Scandinavia!" really hit me.

I couldn't get over the colorful buildings-- they stood out especially bright against the overcast sky. This was a new side of Europe I hadn't really experienced before. Copenhagen's buildings reminded me of Amsterdam but everything else felt so cool and modern (and everyone dressed that way!)

This was my only day in Denmark where I explored by myself and it was a really wonderful way to see the city. Thanks to Luciano, Søstrene Grene is my new favorite store. Thanks to the antique market, I found the prettiest ceramic tiles to bring home. And thanks to Copenhagen, well.. just, thank you, Copenhagen.

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