danish food week, day 3: inside-out profiteroles

inside-out profiteroles by maibritt

It seems as though Maibritt has found a way improve upon profiteroles (believe me, it's possible).

baked close together so they stick together

First, she baked them so close together that they morphed together, forming a sheet of profiteroles.

inside-out profiteroles

Then, instead of filling the choux pastry with cream, she lathered them with homemade whipped cream and gooseberry jam on top. How is this an improvement, you ask? Well, before, the amount of cream you got was limited to the area of empty space inside the choux pastry. This approach allows you to pile on as much as your heart desires (mine desired a lot).

perfect with tea

And, if you couldn't already tell by the copious amounts of photos I have for one single dish, this was my favorite dessert during my stay.