eating out in florence

Laura: "How do you feel being back?"

Me: "It's weird. It's so hot (I was here in the winter) but it's so nice. I love that I know the streets so well.

Laura: "Ohhh yes it gets reaaally hot!! I guess less clothes more gelato!"

un cappuccino

In Florence I drank the first cappuccino that I've ever enjoyed, ate my favorite fresh mozzarella, and averaged a gelato per day.

da vinatierri

I discovered my new favorite summertime drink: granita. It reminded me of 7-11 slurpees with better flavors and minus the blue food coloring. It was perfect in the Florence heat.

stracciatella + frutti di bosco gelato
stacciatella + cookies 'n cream gelato
dei neri

I could dedicate an entire week's worth of posts to gelato but I'll hold back. Stracciatella is a really simple flavor (basically vanilla with little chocolate bits) but I missed being able to have some whenever I wanted. I'm pretty positive that it's impossible to go wrong with gelato at all, but I hold a special place in my heart for stracciatella.

One might even call it a love affair (sorry, David).

It almost pains me to talk about food in Florence without mentioning all of the amazing home cooking I had with my host parents-- but that's for another post!