a passenger's view

passenger's view

I love driving. Singing loudly in my car, during sunsets or along the Great Highway. But I drive so much that I needed Europe to remind me what it was like being a passenger. Just sitting and watching and going.

danish horses
right before germany

From Denmark, we drove to Germany (4 hours). And once we got to Hamburg, we took an overnight train to Verona (22 hours). The last time David and I took an overnight train, our circumstances were less than ideal.

This time it was amazing! We had a five-person cabin for just the three of us. So much space, beautiful views the entire way.

train station and our stops
like cel + belle

I ended up having dinner with three Italian motorcyclists who has just spent the past 20 days biking from Verona to Norway.

We spoke Italian the entire time (I was so proud)! They were so sweet and showed me the pictures from their trip. I can't even fathom a trip like that! Well, maybe I can...

bikers in their pajamas

The bikers in their pajamas taking a long-awaited smoke break in Bolzano.


We rode through the Alps. We had an enormous breakfast. We chatted with our new friends.

It's not so bad to sit back and enjoy the ride.

PS - I'll be over at Morgan's today with my favorite little things in Europe!

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