scenes from home

It occurred to me that by posting my Lake Como photos last week, a lot of people thought I was still in Italy (and in the sunshine). Well.. I wish, but no. All of my recent travel photos are from my trip in August (I just take a long time to post everything).

So to bring my blog back to reality I thought I'd share some scenes from home. They're just a few little things, none having much to do with the others. But I like them, because I'm happy to be home (ironically, none of these are taken at my own home).

the view
pfeffer nüsse
harry potter characters
from melanie's sun room
3-bean & beer veggie chili
purple skies

1. Just after sunset.
2. Pfeffer nüsse.
3. Harry Potter polymer clay figurines by Melanie. Aren't they ADORABLE?! She made me a little owl.
4. The view from Mel's sun room.
5. Our new favorite Sunday night activity. I got a turkey last week!!!
6. Three-bean & beer veggie chili, homemade by David and yours truly.
7. Raiza, adorable as ever.
8. The most perfect, purple sunset.