the outer frame
in our bee suits-- check out nikole's shoes!
langstroth frames
bees MADE this.
getting ready to smoke the hive
bees with their honey
made with love
golden harvest

A few scenes from the beekeeping class Nikole and I took this past weekend. We didn't know much about bees before the class and learned that they're actually really gentle bugs. Just a few years ago, honeybee populations had dropped around 70% but thanks to beekeepers (professionals and hobbyists alike), there has been a great effort to restore the population. It's amazing that bees can work together and create their own little community-- and that we get to have honey because of it.

I also learned that aside from being delicious, honey has a lot of healing properties as an antiseptic (you can use it instead of neosporin, etc). Of course, I'm mostly interested in what I can cook with it. Good thing I bought a little bottle of lavender-infused honey to bring home with me.

Check out more photos from the class here.

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