christmas eve

ate's gorgeous table setting

For as long as I can remember, Christmas Eve has always been the "bigger deal" in my family than Christmas Day. All of my family gets together then and now that my sisters are older.. married.. mothers... there are a lot more people to fill the house (think: three significant others and seven children).

dinner (not my plate)
being the cutest baby immaginable
she had no idea this was there
victoria's secret for ron
mama and her new children

It's interesting looking at things now that I'm no longer the family baby (I'm the youngest of four). When did I become a grown up? And where did all my money go? (A growing family means more presents.) Christmas Eve is by no means the only time we're all together, but it was the only time we were all in tears of laughter because my mother posed with her "new family" on the box of the TV we all chipped in to get her.

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