downtown christmas lights (a new tradition)

union square christmas tree
traditional macy's
puppies for adoption
the fam
raiza's first hot cocoa
union square
silly faces
union square

When we realized our old tradition was coming to an end, we decided to start a new one. We loaded up eight people in one van, five in a car, and went to Union Square in downtown San Francisco to see the holiday lights.

They were perfect. The tree was gigantic. Raiza was afraid of Santa Claus. We gave a lot of business to Starbucks.

There were adoptable pets in the Macy's store windows. Raiza tried hot chocolate for the first time. Raine ran full-speed into the window of a revolving glass door* (oops).

A lot of silly, little things. At one point I went to take a "guys" photo of my brother and two nephews, but Raine insisted that the photo wasn't complete because Uncle David wasn't in it.

I might be having my quarter-life crisis but my heart is overflowing with love.

*She ended up being okay. David later described the event "like watching a bird fly into a window," and my sister (Raine's mom) couldn't stop laughing. None of us could.