hello switzerland

My last set of photos from continental Europe (at least, for now). By the time we got to Lugano all I could think about was how excited I was to be in Switzerland! Granted, this part of Switzerland is still very Italian, but it was so peaceful and gorgeous.

swiss ivy
blue, blue water

We didn't go to many sites. The occasional forgotten church, a stroll along the lake, a trip to the park.

in the chapel
prosciutto heaven

When we got lunch we accidentally went to a "boutique" salumeria. One package of prosciutto was 10 euro.

up top

One of my favorite things about the city was that they hosted something called "Park & Read." The city sets up tables of books and chairs all around the park just so people can sit and read. For free. Little things like this warm my heart.

our last day

And my other favorite thing about the city was this swan:

gif animator

About a year ago I wrote about how much I love Welsh ducks. Well.. it's just even more hilarious with a giant swan.

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