chit chat on the pier


There are two Chit Chat Cafes in Pacifica-- the one I went to with Chelsey and this one on the town pier.

jars and flavors

I went to elementary school just a few blocks from this pier and for the longest time, never went into the building because I had no idea what it was. I finally ventured in earlier this month and after speaking to a staff member named Don and a few regulars, I learned it was a bait shop up until several years ago.

my mocha
view of the pier

Today it's a cozy little coffee/lunch/bait hub. I met another Don, who comes almost every day to walk along the beach path. And I met Jerry and Jim (below), who were both kind and filled with stories. They invited me to sit with them and asked me about myself after I learned about them (Jerry is a retired SF firefighter and Jim retired from the navy and shared all about his travels in Asia before the Korean War.)

jerry and jim
on the beach
breaking waves

While I sat with Jim and Jerry, several people peeked in to say "hello," check in with Jim, and tell him that if he needed a ride anywhere to just call. Everyone seemed to be on a first-name basis and long-time friends united through this little cafe at the pier.

As far as cafes go, this one isn't fancy. They use paper cups, they have the standard chalkboard menu, and I don't think they've ever been featured in a food-centric publication. But the space is so special because of the people that come, who know each other by name and make your morning cup on the beach that much more special.