diana, diana, diana, i would die for you

something growing
lake coast
looking out
flying off
in a row
sittin' on the dock of the lake
little boys

I'm in love with you completely
I'm afraid that's all I can do.*

My first photos with my Diana lens! I've been hesitant to get the film camera because I can't be bothered with 120 film, but I'm happy with the way these turned out. It was hard to keep myself from taking a photo with this lens and one with my "normal" lens, but I like that I only have photos in this format. It makes them more special.

PS - See those little boys in the last two photos? Well, I was smitten with their silhouettes so I snapped away like a madwoman and suddenly heard, "ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF US?!" Probably one of my more embarrassing moments but they were really cute about it and didn't mind one bit.

*from "A Man/Me/Then Jim" by Rilo Kiley

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