home life

breakfast in bed
the pier
avocado on rye

First, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind notes on my last post. The general consensus was that this is just a weird time most people have to get through-- not a reflection of your character or who you are. It was a much-needed reminder. Thank you, thank you.

After all of those kind words, I really tried to focus on the simple, everyday things that bring joy. I mean, I try to have that perspective on a daily basis, but this weekend it was a priority.

I went to bed when I wanted. I woke up when my body was ready. And then I had breakfast on my nightstand, alternating between Dreadfully Ever After and Gilmore Girls reruns. I hung out at my uncle's tailor shop without ever checking the time. I ran errands, took a quick trip to the pier and then had a coffee-less coffee date.

I embraced the life of the unemployed.

PS - Did you see my guest post about Lake Como and the Alps over at Alex's? Talk about embracing life.

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