my first book

For Christmas I put together a little book of photos from Denmark to give to my Italo-Danese host parents, Maibritt and Luciano. Denmark is so special to me now that I've experienced it with them and when I began to put together the book, I knew words would play second fiddle to the photographs. It's simple, short, in Italian and one of my favorite presents I've ever gifted. It's so gratifying seeing your own work in print. I highly recommend it.

in denmark, with love
to maibritt & luciano

To Maibritt and Luciano. Thank you very much. I miss you every day.

in denmark

In Denmark, the true country of the beautiful life.


I'm lucky. For many years my feet have been searching for something but I did not know what. Maybe a place of tranquility. A place where my heart rests secure. A home.

Today I still do not know what it is. But I found it in Denmark.


But in the end, the most important thing was not the country. It was my family, so kind and compassionate, teaching me about life and the world.

with love, celeste

With love, Ciccia (pronounced chee-cha, what Maibritt would call me)/ Light Blue ("Celeste" means light blue in Italian, what Luciano would call me)/ Celeste


PS - Thanks to my big brother for hand-modeling.

PPS - I'm off to my first day at my new job!!

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