a new beginning

oh, the places you'll go

I finally got it.

The email.

Less than three days after I spilled my guts to blogland, David and I were heading out to our favorite phở place when I glanced at my email and stopped.

This is the reason why I was still abroad so I couldn't come in to interview for my "dream job"
Why I spent hours in rush hour three times in one week (for one job) only to never hear back again
Why I forgot to send a follow-up email for my other "dream job"
Why dozens of applications were left without response
Why I spent a week on writing samples to only never hear back again (again)
Why a magazine felt "my personality" wasn't the best fit
Why my Excel "Jobs" spreadsheet kept growing and growing

Until now. Do you remember this post? Well after an email last Monday, a phone interview on Tuesday, a three-hour-six-person interview on Wednesday and a last-minute Skype interview on Thursday...

I was offered a position at Airbnb. Which I (ecstatically) accepted.

I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life-- I had to share the happy news. Thanks for stickin' around. I'll try to repay you in delicious sticky recipes.

*Photo from Jess & Luke's, my Airbnb hosts in London.

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