washi tape detailing

decorating with washi tape

Since starting my new job (!), I've noticed that almost everyone in our office has the same Mac products. While this makes for a very aesthetically pleasing workplace, it also means everyone's equipment is almost identical.

So in taking my first steps to set my stuff apart, I added a little washi tape to my laptop charger. What I did was:

1. Cover the apple logo with a piece of washi tape.
2. Lightly trace the apple outline with a pencil.
3. Remove the tape, cut along the lines, and reapply the tape.
4. If your cut isn't perfect, trim the tape as needed.

I'm sure there's a more precise way to do this-- perhaps with a cutting board and an exacto knife-- but I did this during the last half of my lunch break.

And for anyone looking for washi tape, I found mine in San Francisco's Japantown but these guys have a great collection.

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