before i knew what i was doing

IMG_1471 sunset

I often think about my pre-blog life and secretly beat myself up for not writing things down, for not taking photos, for not taking the time to make sure I remember.

IMG_1482 sunset

And then I found these photos from my 2007 archives, about a month or so after I first bought my camera. I don't remember why we came here, only that we did. I have vague memories of us harmonizing to "The Only Gay Eskimo." I didn't really know how my camera worked-- I just set everything to AUTO and snapped when it felt right.

But I love these photos and how they look, unedited. I look at them and feel surprised that something so beautiful came from me before I knew anything about cameras.

And then I remember that this isn't my work at all-- it's nature in all its own glory.

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