"the morning after" pancakes


I don't know why I named them this. It felt right.

I think there's something comforting in knowing you're going to have pancakes when you wake up. The inevitable dust of flour. The lumpy batter. That you're patient enough to wait until all the pancakes are done rather than eating them as they finish.

I like that they stack and keep one another warm.

a heap
blueberry win
best with honey butter

These are Martha's buttermilk pancakes-- except I accidentally added two extra tablespoons of butter and added blueberries.

And, as if they couldn't get any better, I served them with honey butter. No syrup necessary.

honey butter: When butter is at room temperature, mix three parts butter with one part honey until combined. Do not refrigerate-- store at room temperature in an air-tight container.


blueberries and fluff
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